I’m a Product Designer, living in London. A few years ago I moved from Australia where I was working as a Designer at Hoyts Entertainment doing mostly Graphic and Motion Design.

In 2013 a friend called me from London and asked me to pack all of my earthly belongings to come and work with him as a UI Designer at a startup called Entrago. After seeing through the successful launch of the product, I was asked by a friend to join them at Tobias & Tobias to work on an iPad app for the UK Investment bank Fidelity.

After a few months at Tobias & Tobias, I was offered the position I am in today - Senior UX Designer for native products at lastminute.com where I work on both the core product, as well as other products like Next Trip, and am lucky to be working alongside some incredibly talented people. 

I also spend time on side projects like Musations and Giflit. You can see a curated list of stuff I would like to someday own, and a whole lot of images which just make me happy on my tumblr.

Recent achievements I am happy about;

Winning an award for the best Android app in the travel industry.

Being one of the first companies to implement Apple Pay within the UK, which landed us on the in a Featured position on the App Store.

I'm pretty handy with the following tools: