I’m a Product Designer, living in London. A few years ago I moved from Australia where I was working as a Designer at Hoyts Entertainment doing mostly Graphic and Motion Design.

In 2013 a friend called me from London and asked me to pack all of my earthly belongings to come and work with him as a UI Designer at a startup called Entrago. After seeing through the successful launch of the product, I was asked by a friend to join them at Tobias & Tobias to work on an iPad app for the UK Investment bank Fidelity.

After a few months at Tobias & Tobias, I was offered the position I am in today - Senior UX Designer for native products at lastminute.com where I am lucky to be working alongside some incredibly talented people.

I also spend time on side projects like Musations and Giflit.

I'm pretty handy with the following software: